Teaching jobs for excellent teachers

To simply say, we as a teaching agency strive to recruit excellent teachers and provide ethical solution to schools. We are well specialized for this.

The most important thing for us to do is deeply care what our teachers or schools have to say and prove it with our actions to meet their particular needs. Our excellent recruiters have a solid teaching background. So it is natural for us to understand what you need to come across for the right job and the high-end solutions to the recruitment process. It’s difficult to find the perfect match but it isn’t impossible. We are here to help you whether it’s recruiting or searching your perfect role.

It’s important to be honest, transparent and professional with sense of humor. Unlike other serious and no-fun agencies, we inject that fun factor and personality.

Our vision

We care to be different and take pride in what we stand for because every individual is different. Schools and teachers have always given positive feedbacks for our services.


Our main value is integrity and it resonates with our actions. We take educational responsibilities seriously and strive to make a difference in educational level for the upcoming generation. This adds values to the schools.

By providing a genuine service, our schools and teachers don’t forget us.


We are defined by our work ethics. Besides integrity, fun, and genuine desire to help we are also driven by positive attitude towards education. Our service doesn’t resonate with targets or figures. We hope to alleviate negativity and make a positive difference.

Our teaching agency always works on what is best for clients as well as candidates in an effective manner. The main concern is for the long term achievement and achieving fairness in the workplace. We continuously reflect on our methods and evolve so that we can improve to provide better services.